My joy in observing and photographing the natural world started at an early age, in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. I was born in Penticton B.C. in 1953, and spent many hours with family and friends, hiking the surrounding hills. I started packing my Father's old Brownie box camera around with me. A real love of the outdoors "developed", and I started to be able to record some of it reasonably well.

Later, our family moved to the Lower Mainland of B.C., where we now reside in Burnaby. Over the years, my wife, two boys and I have enjoyed many magic moments observing various types of wildlife. I eventually went thru' the usual progression of camera gear ( mainly Canon ), and now really enjoy digital photography. My main photographic emphasis is on birdlife/wildlife, but I enjoy other subject matters as well.

My profile shot (above ) was taken sitting atop Mt. Cheam , just over 6,900 ft., which I had climbed with a good friend... a really challenging and great day!

** Please feel free to contact me regarding reasonably-priced purchases of enlargements for framing, and otherwise, enjoy my images ! **

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